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I'll admit that there's a web

But it wasn't me who spun it...

Fat Brain
7 February 1976
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I'm Lucy.
I'm from the North West of England. Newton-Le-Willows to be precise.
I was brought up on a council estate.
I went to private secondary school. The government paid for it.
I lost my Mum when I was 13.
I have a degree.
I live in Nottingham.
I am a DJ.
I have a day job.
I am engaged to a wonderful man called Richard.
I go on lots of holidays. Often involving Disneyland.
I love pub quizzes. Music or general knowledge.
I also love reading.

It is worth noting that this journal is not friends only, but MOST of my entries are only visible to friends. I do like new friends though, so add and comment and I'll almost definately add you back! I like livejournal to be a two way thing, so if you don't want to put a little commenting in, or you only post about non-personal matters, then I'm probably not the person for you. Please don't be offended if I remove you from my FL at any point, its usually because of this very reason, or because you never post anything.

I really wanna change my surname to Ramone....

I got my ramones icons from redmullet's site bite-the-dust.com
, a nice cuppa, american novels, apple sours, arseless trousers, art brut, babycham, bach's rescue remedy, back-combing my hair, badges, beauty spots, being a size 16, bitching, books like rebecca, bouffants, busted, buying rounds, cardis, carmex, champagne, charity shopping, cheese on sweet biscuits, cherries, cider, cindy sherman, cleavage, cocktails, customised t-shirts, dairylea dunkers, david tennant, depp, dirty dancing, dirty minds, disneyland, diy hair dying, donner kebabs, drinking in bed, dusty springfield, ebay addiction, edward cullen, elnett hairspray, emo side projects, english seaside towns, fresh sheets, gedge, gigs, gingham, girlie tattoos, gok wan, hairslides, halloumi, handbags, hangovers, hating my home town, having lots of knickers, helen love, hello kitty, herman dune, holidays, hollyoaks, ignorant merkans, indie, insulting belle & sebastian, jarvis these days, john hughes films, jon spencer, jordan, kenickie, kettle chip butties, kitty kisses, knee socks, knees, lcd soundsystem, little girl socks, living in a pigsty, living the high life, los campesinos, loving belle and sebastian, lt blender, lush, male bitches, malibu milkshake, margaritas, maximo park, men with hankies, metal friends, mike leigh, mini tambourines, music festivals, my fat brain, my mulberry, my tits, not going on rollercoasters, not having children, nottingham, obvious crushes, offbeat, paris, pavement, pear cider, penguins, penny sweets, perrier, pet names, plastic beads, polka dots, pop, pretty shoes, pritt stick, pub quizzes, quiffs, razorblade hipbones, red, rescue rooms, riot grrl, rock n roll, russ meyer, saddle creek, salted popcorn, scampi fries, secret crushes, short skirts, showing my pants, skinny men, snow white, soup, special green bracelets, spontaneous drinking, squeezing spots, staying in hotels, strawberry switchblade, strongbow, sunshine, taking afternoon tea, the hold steady, the rakes, the smiths, tokyo, tweeness, vintage clothes, vinyl, violet creams, visiting glasgow, walks of shame, wilkos, winehouse, words from the 80s, wotsits, wriggling